Kristel Rigaud
De Blauwe Kamer (2016)
Give me more (2017)
Waiting on the previous second (2016-2018)
Juliana (2016)
Wait, let me refresh (2017

“But… what are we then?” (She asked)
“We are human-like objects of which subjected subjects are made.”

I cried when I realized I was human, we all do.
That first sound we make is actually the sound of realization.
Realization of our humanity or possibly physical existence.
That there’s more then just the space where we’ve been brewing.

Interlude: sounds of “realization”

The brewery is done with you now.
Go ahead and grow.
I think there was factory fault on that one.
It acts and appears, as it should, yet questions too much.
Asks why the dirt under its feet is brown instead of why the sky is blue.
I think you should send it back; it’s still under warranty I think.
Where did you leave your receipt?
I think you’ll get a new one within 5 to 7 works days.

I wonder what my previous state was
Was I dust?
Or did I stay in a fluid state
A state where you never grow old and decay.

It doesn’t matter if I cut this one down,
I’ll plant thousands in its place.
LETS FARM THE WORLD and its contents

After we’re done with it we’ll just grow a new one.
I’ll find myself a core and work from there.

Aconversation (2018)
I haven't figured it out yet (2018-2019
151 (2018)
misc. video works (2013-2016)